Is Your Website Lonely?

Small businesses need all three of the following to thrive in today’s world:

  1. A captivating and well-implemented website
  2. High quality, relevant traffic to that site
  3. A tested and proven process for “converting” that traffic to clients or buyers

Even the most beautiful websites can be wall-flowers…

We’ve worked with many people who have labored hours and hours to create a great-looking website that…  well… is pretty much worthless… because no one ever sees it.  It may even have great content.  It may have a lot of substance.  But if no one comes to it, it doesn’t matter

Lots of visitors are great…  but only if they stay awhile…

We’ve also worked with folks who have worked extremely hard and spent scads of money getting traffic to their site.  However, if visitors leave without getting to know you, all that money and effort is wasted.

So, what are we after?

Our goal is to help you:

  1. Create a website that will delight your visitors, when they arrive
  2. Create a site that will delight Google, so that they’ll let you place high in the search results
  3. Make sure that your site attracts the right people, in the first place
  4. Make sure that they come back again (or call you, or email you, or send you a lot of money)

To find out more about our philosophies on marketing our customers, read some of the posts in our blog.

Kick off your shoes and stay awhile!


Online Traffic Divas is run by two women who have long technology and marketing backgrounds who have left the corporate arenas to do something much more fun.

Becky spent nearly 20 years at IBM and a couple of years working for some smaller companies, too. She has enjoyed building several successful online businesses, and loves the flexibility this work provides her to pick up her kids, walk the dog, etc.

Toria ….

Becky and Toria have been supporting non-technical folks in the use of technology for many years, and have a way of making online marketing understandable.

Most days you can find us at either Becky’s house or Toria’s house… working in our pajamas…

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Recent Client Comments

Your assistance with my website and marketing has made a world of difference to my law practice. A few months ago, all my previous marketing efforts bore little or no results, and I was relying almost exclusively on word of mouth to expand my client base. Now, I am getting calls from excellent new clients every week and my practice is booming. Thanks so much, Becky and Toria, for providing excellent, client-centered services that really produce results.

Keith Shandalow, P.C.

Yahoo! I hadn’t checked my rankings in the last few days: this is wonderful news! Your ability to accomplish this stuff totally boggles my mind, you are The Queen!

Dr. Kelly Guthrie